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I encourage everyone to cancel their PayPal account

I used to rent out rooms to medical students that need a place to stay while they do their rotations in Miami. I take 50% up front to hold the room. This particular person sent me the money via PayPal. We had quite a few discussions regarding the room and the refrigerator in the room. She wanted a full size fridge, which I told her I could not do. When she arrived her daughter loved the room, but she was dissatisfied with the size of the fridge and chose to leave. She asked for her money back and I refused, because I held the room for her. She filed a claim with her credit card company claiming she was allergic to animals and that I had not disclosed that I have animals in my home. You would think that if she was really allergic to animals, she should have asked me if I had animals, but she did not. It is all a lie anyways. PayPal took the money from my account, which is someone’s security deposit. They claimed they fought for me, but the credit card company seems to be judge and jury and now I’m out $600. I will never use then again and I encourage everyone to cancel their PayPal account.

Posted: May 6, 2015 at 6:55 pm

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