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Erased my entire Paypal account but kept my money

I had a verified ebay and paypal account a while ago. I was in the Military for over 20 years. Im retired now (happily). I was sent over seas for a deployment of 3 years. I called ebay and paypal and explained my situation, due to location I will not be able to conduct transactions vis the internet. They said ” No problem, sir. We will make note of your situation and ensure your account stays in good standing with our company.” So now I am back in the US. I try to log into ebay… nothing! Try paypal… nothing! So i call ebay… they tell me that due to inactivity my account has been dissolved. WTF?! I explained why I had the inactivity… it didn’t matter. Oh well no big deal. Then I get to call paypal… My account when I left for deployment was lets just say over 500 bucks. They told me the same thing… due to inactivity the account was dissolved. Can they really just keep my money. I never received any notification or anything about either account. So my money just vanished?? WTF?! Wonder why people are having financial problems…. THIEVES!!!

Posted: April 30, 2014 at 4:56 pm

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