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Unwarranted Reversal

By Elsie

I sold some items on E-bay and the purchaser used paypal to pay me $535.00. Everthing seem to be fine with the transaction, then i get an e-mail on 03/13/2004 saying that i may have received fraudulant funds. I call customers ervice and they tell me its under investigation and they can give me no information.

Then about 30 days later i get an e-mail saying that the transaction was reversed and that i owed them $519.18. So again i call customer service and they tell me that they cant give me any information just that i owed Paypal $519.18, i think im at least entitled to know why someone is charging me $519.18. I did nothing wrong and the transaction went smoothly, i received positive feedback from the purchaser on E-bay from the transaction.

I have attemted to contact the purchaser and cannot reach them since this started. I am sure this is a scam by the purchaser but Paypal wont give me any information so that i can take action. I am stuck with a $519.18 bill and no merchandise and a collection agency hasseling me and i dont even know why. Can i obtain information from Paypal somehow ( Freedom of Information Act)? Any help someone can provide would be greatly appreciated. 

best regards,

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:25 am

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