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One false chargeback put me out of business with PayPal


I have to tell you my story. I have been an internet entrepreneur since 2007 literally making millions and using paypal with my first business without a hitch

In november 2013, I started an ebay account selling cosmetics. As you know, there are a lot of suppliers out there who buy companies overstock and “Shelf pulls.” After 3 months, I became a power-seller with over 280 rave positive reviews. My items range in price from $15-30 on average. Anyway-being in the business for so long, there are always customers out there who try and get a free ride and take advantage of a seller. Someone had gone to their credit card company and filed a chargeback against me stating product was never received (tracking information shows it was delivered on time and handling time under 24 hours as specified) No email or anything from the buyer to resolve any issue what so ever.

3 days after this occurred, I sign onto my paypal account only to find that there has been “ACCOUNT LIMITATIONS” placed on it. I called up paypal, spent hours on the phone with them. Keep in mind that my accounts have always been up to date bills always paid and my paypal account status is verified and a personal account.
I bought the cosmetics from a local auction but could not produce their invoices that they wanted. Only an auction payment stub which was hand written. They categorized me as too “high risk” and would not continue to do business with me. They are also holding my 2thousand dollars for 180 days. they say. I am a smart guy- an internet entrepreneur like you and know how to effectively communicate over the phone with someone. I don’t know who paypal is hiring but the quality of service is abysmal. I’ve never encountered anything like it and I am outright shocked at their decision as well. I am in no way breaking the law what so ever and I am making great money. Products are authentic. I am Just shocked that they would do this to me because 1 person filed a charge-back and it also showed proof through USPS that it was delivered too!! But no paypal has made their decision and I was told I can’t appeal as well…..AHHHHH

I have an ebay account still in good standing and a power seller (this was the account that my paypal account was linked to.) I have a great ebay account in good standing but I do not want to go out of business. I was just getting started. Things were going GREAT! and now Pypal does this to me?!!? this is INSANE. I AM OUT OF BUSINESS!!! aLL WHILE PAYPAL HOLDS ONTO MY MONEY AND COLLECTS INTEREST. IF THEY DID NOT WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH ME, WHY DID THEY TAKE ALL THE FEES. WHY ARE THEY SO DISHONEST? WHY CAN’T I GET THROUGH TO SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTAND MY SITUATION???? WTF!!!??

Posted: April 21, 2014 at 7:05 pm

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