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There is nothing fast or easy about using paypal

I was new to paypal, I had a new item I wanted to sell on Ebay because it wasnt selling on Cragslist. My husband signed me up and Paypal wanted A lot of personal info. They dont need our tax ID and SSN and IDS. To me thats creepy. So he didnt do that part. My item sold and I provided a tracking number. The money didnt go through for 2 weeks for a ” hold ” because we didnt give our personal info. So I went to go transfer the money into my bank account. My husband has always gone by his middle name so when he signed us up he put his middle name. Our bank card has his name. WELL… All of the info has to match. I go in to change his name and it wont let me. We have to prove who he is. Through personal info and papers. So I had to pay 1.50 for them to cut me a check that will be here in ANOTHER 2 weeks. I will NEVER use Paypal again!

Posted: September 14, 2012 at 2:32 pm

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