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We were made to feel like criminals

About 2 yrs ago, my husband & I put up our computer on eBay. Hubby opened a paypal account (forgetting he’d already opened one with an old email address years beforehand). Next thing we know, Paypal had blocked our account (permanently) with no explanation (even after supplying proof of original purchase + 2 types of ID!). We called several times to sort out the issue but were basically told that they believed our sale was not legit & we were made to feel like criminals! The following day eBay closed out account & we were told we had to sort things out with Paypal before they’d re-open the account. So basically we have not been able to use Paypal or eBay for 2 years! We had more things that we would have likes to sell on eBay but since they think we are just come kind of Bonnie and Clyde couple and a danger to other users we have not been able to get back on.

Posted: August 23, 2012 at 3:01 pm

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3 thoughts on “We were made to feel like criminals
  1. Joel on

    I shipped a bread maker to a lady in Wilmington, she never got it and my tracking number never shoved it as delivered. The post office said they’ll investigate but came up with nothing. The lady filed a claim and paypal gave her her money back and suspended my account for not shipping my items. I DID SHIP but the post office lost it, I have the tracking number and receipt that I have submitted to paypal but they refuse to listen to me. I am the victim in this case because I am out the money and the product yet paypal sees me as some kind of villain. Using paypal has been far from the experienced I was promised when I signed up with them

  2. Gail B on

    Using paypal use to be a breeze; now it’s nothing but heartache and anxiety. I sold a valuable collection of precious moment’s dolls to some guy in china. I thought twice about shipping overseas but the offer was too good to refuse. It turns out the guy charged the whole transaction back, would you believe that paypal didn’t even ask for documentation until AFTER the money was taken from my account? Now I’m out of the product and funds; to make matters worse the account is limited so I have no way of selling anything now.

  3. churrasco on

    fuck paypal.they are the thief!!!!