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The fees are just too much!

Ebay/Pay Pal Charges on one item that sold for $10.00

Like many other once loyal Ebay sellers I am forced by Ebay/Pay Pal’s decision to place Final Value Fees on shipping, to go elsewhere to sell my items: Please review all the facts below, you will note that the Final Value Fees – FVF- on shipping places small lower priced items, in the realm of 25+% total final value fees – actually at 37.5% see below! The policy to charge FVF on shipping has succeeded in killing this small sales seller. I am forced and will no doubt, to go elsewhere to sell my items.

My Ebay Fee Facts on Item:
· Item sold on ebay for $10.00
· Final Value Fee -FVF- for sale was .90 = 9%
· Shipping was auto calculated to the buyer at $18.29
· Ebay charged at 9% of $19.00 (not 18.29) = $1.71
· Ebay charges a total of: $0.90 + $1.71 = $2.61 on a $10.00 Item!

The Item sold for $10.00 the shipping was not income therefore
$10.00 / 2.61 = .261 or 26%

WOW! Misleading Advertisement Ebay in NOT charging a 9% selling fee at all! I was charged 26% Final Value Fee on an item that sold for $10.00

Shipping expenses s are NOT INCOME to the seller!

NOW! Lets add the Pay Pal fees! It was $1.14
Therefore: $2.61 + $1.14 = $3.75= .375 or 37.5%
Remember the Item sold for $10.00

WOW and WOW!
37.5% in FEE Charges – Commission! REALLY!

This policy is an extremely unfair and glutinous policy; a decision that no doubt only ensures additional customers and profits for competitors and not to Ebay.

A VERY BAD MOVE FOLKS at Ebay and Pay Pal!

With a sense of sadness, I will no longer sell on Ebay.

Posted: January 21, 2013 at 7:31 pm

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