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I just fell victim to the typical eBay/PayPal scam

I just fell victim to the typical eBay/PayPal scam. A scam buyer joins eBay for a month, runs up @18 positive ratings (and provides NO ratings for any of their VERY small dollar amount purchases). He has a gibberish email address and name, and a unverified shipping address with a UNIT NUMBER at a now-known-to-me mail forwarding center in Delaware.

He then bid on my excellent-condition, used iPhone 4S for my ‘buy now’ price of $120. I KNEW this guy was a scammer due to his demanding and suspicious e-mails about the item before he even bought it.
With the money paid through PayPal, I had no choice to ship it, essentially. So wish I hadn’t shipped it.

As soon as he received it (I had delivery confirmation), he filed a dispute with PayPal for SNAD (significantly not as described), and put a hold on my $120 selling price. He said that the phone was not working, and that it’d take $70 to repair it, so he demanded $70. I escalated this to a claim, knowing full well that this was a scam. PayPal removed my $120 from my account (of course, they kept my eBay $12 fee for the sold listing, and their $5.50 PayPal fee for the sold listing as well, so my net loss at this point is @ $137.50), AND now—I have no phone either.

The buyer’s address is a very well-known mail forwarding center, so on my particular listing, he’s voided him buyer’s protection. Yet despite all of this, payPal has royally screwed me!

Posted: February 17, 2015 at 7:27 pm

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One thought on “I just fell victim to the typical eBay/PayPal scam
  1. Kevin on

    A similar thing happened to my girlfriend who sold an iPhone on Ebay.

    Almost the same situation, but the buyer said the iphone camera and screen were scratched up (which they weren’t when sent), and would cost 80 to repair according to Apple. Ebay/Paypal refunded them straight away. The buyer didn’t bother to send the phone back, and actually listed it on Ebay to sell it on, saying it “was perfect condition”! (not scratched at all). We told Ebay and sent them the listing, sold under same user account and everything. How stupid!

    Ebay emails were canned responses, phone calls were handled by people without a good grasp of English and who didn’t care, passed from department to department for a week or two until we gave up.

    Total waste of time, phone stolen, fees taken. Totally screwed by Ebay and Paypal, they help the criminals.