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I am looking to file a lawsuit against Paypal

Hello, I am looking to file a lawsuit against Paypal on the grounds that:
1. They took money out of my account and awarded it to one of my customers who received the item she bought from me and the description was accurate in the listing.
2. They locked my account because they needed verification that I was the real owner of my account.
3. They asked for my Social Security Number, I gave it to them, they verified that they received it, but didn’t unlock my account.
4. I emailed them confronting them about this and all I got back was an automated message.

I need to know if I can take this to a small claims court in Tennessee even though I reside in South Carolina. I want complete compensation for violating my rights by telling me that they would unlock my account if I gave them my Social Security Number, violating the Seller Protection Policy by taking money out of my account that I needed for my business and giving it to the buyer even though she received her order, causing me to lose my shop because I no longer had the money to pay the bill, and causing me complete and total distress to the point where I had a nervous break down because I am in debt.
However, I will not receive complete compensation if I take this case to a small claims court in SC. So, if I take this to a court in Tennessee, will I be able to ask for the maximum amount of money that is allowed by Tennessee?

Posted: December 3, 2013 at 7:48 pm

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