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I find PayPal unprofessional and incompetent

Dear PayPal CEO

I’ve been in the financial industry for over Ten years, I have never derived a utterly and incompetent organisation as PAYPAL. I find PayPal decision unprofessional and incompetent.

According to Pay Pal Resolution Centre, Pay Pal had terminated my business and immobilized any transaction from being processed due to negligent action taken by the organisation. Reason below mentioned by staff at PayPal call centre,

1. Too many disputed transaction per month.
2. High risk to the organisation.
3. Business not welcome.

This is not suitable and valid reason to termination someone account from operating his business. Majority of the disputed transaction were settled within the seller and buyer agreement. Pay Pal did not pay out any compensation or gain any loss within the organisation.

Number of disputed transaction within Pay Pal was processed due to instruction from EBay to recover value of items removed from EBay site due to fraudulent activity. I defiantly should not be accountable as Pay Pal judgment revolves toward these fraudulent transactions not administrated by myself.

Due to reasons above I truly believe that PayPal action should be overturned. Pay Pal is an organisation to safe guard consumers from unlawful transaction. This is the origins behind the organisation and need to adhere condition that Pay Pal administrates and demonstrating their values to their clients.

Actions Pay Pal has taken have dismayed my trust in the organisation not to mention violating the agreement between client and Pay pal agreement of use. Violating Term and Condition of use could consider deformation action to be engaged.

If a suitable outcome is not resolved within a timely manner then I have no alternative to take action against PayPal for any loses and I will be notifying the Media Network regarding this matter.

Posted: December 19, 2012 at 5:22 pm

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