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Foreigners Ripped Off

By Aeyne

APO,  FPO,  etc.  addresses  provide  financial  relief  from  high trans-Atlantic,  trans-Pacific,  etc.  mail  postage  costs  to  individuals (usually  military but many civilians and government employees as well) stationed/living  overseas.   With  APO,  FPO,  etc.  addresses,  the government (usually the  military)  pays all the expenses  to  fly  the  mail  from  the U.S.  to  overseas.  

PayPal  rips  off  overseas people  by  catagorizing  APO and  FPO  zip codes  (which are for  post office  boxes in major coastal cities convenient for  overseas  flights  (such as  New York  City,  Miami,  San Francisco,  etc.)  as  “International  addresses.  Their  order system is manipulatively designed in that anytime you want to use an  APO, FPO  address on PayPal,  on their system it comes up as an “overseas  delivery”  with extra charges to ship overseas.  Again,  PayPal  doesn’t  have  any  overseas shipping expenses.  PayPal  is only mailing the item to a post office box in New York City,  Miami, etc.   Usually the military then picks up the mail from the APO, FPO  mail box and puts it on its own planes or pays to put the mail on a commercial carrier and flies it free across the ocean. 

This works BOTH ways. Military people overseas sending packages and letters to the U.S. do not pay anything to move their letters and packages across foreign countries to a foreign airport and then fly the mail across the ocean to the  U.S.  Military people stationed overseas only pay postage to ship mail from wherever it lands in the U.S.  (Miami, New York City, etc.)  to whatever town and state it is going to.  PayPay  is unethical and ripping people off when it comes to shipments to  military APO  and  FPO  addresses.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:51 pm

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