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Fraud As I See It

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Hello, my son Pierre HARY, 16, 22, rue Trinité, F 14700 Falaise, has received an immedeate payment demand by CFR (subject 18922) France over an amount of Euro 104,01, based on an ebay reference E160937367. My son is not member of ebay, has never bought anything through ebay nor received any goods. 2 mails to a certain Erick Franck at CFR remained without response. What I found out meanwhile is the fact, that a certain DE ROOIJ, Maria or Marieke or Marielle (e mail “ has affected a transaction with ebay, but under the name and adress of my son. This is a fraud, as I see it, I request you to investigate the matter and keep me informed.

Thanking you,

best regards

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 10:19 am

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