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Fraud attempt using paypal

Here’s an attempt to scam $1850.00 from me for a vehicle I have for sale on Autotrader. I copied and pasted this email they sent me. Can I have them arrested for attempted larceny?

We Sincerely Seek Your Esteemed Co-operation In Order To Get The Total Fund Released To Your Account

This is to let you know that we are holding this payment due to the amount of money involve and being the first payment into your account,It is mandatory you know that the fund has been completely deducted from Maria Glasson’s account and will become available in your PayPal account balance immediately the fund is released from our database, therefore be rest assured that the total fund is safe with us and Maria Glasson has no access to it.We urge you to go ahead and send the shipping fee of $1,850.00 USD to the confirmed name and address of the pickup agent below via Western Union and email us the money transfer details or receipt copy for verification.Doing this will assure us that Maria Glasson is going to get the vehicle she paid for and we will release the total sum of $23,000.00 USD to your PayPal account immediately.
Please understand that our major aim is the protection and satisfaction of our customers.You are safe,secured and protected on this transaction if you follow the verification procedure by sending the shipping fee up front to the shipping agent,as the total fund is at the last stage of reflecting in your account which implies the total fund will be released to your account immediately we receive the requirement from you.

Posted: October 2, 2012 at 5:40 pm

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4 thoughts on “Fraud attempt using paypal
  1. Noleen on

    The same thing happened to me but on a much smaller money scale and I fell for it. But it’s not a small amount of money to me. I’m devastated.

  2. John on

    thats a scam dumbass. Thats not paypals fault

  3. tony denatala on

    i recieved an email from maria glsson on 3/26/13 saying she wanted to puchase my corvette for her fathers birthday and wanted to use paypal. i reported her to tradersnet