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Fraud Investigation

By Lauren

Just wanted to share my horor story going on right now. i sent 2 packages overseas and they wew lost in the mail. Because the buyers did not want to pay additional shipping costs for a tracking# althought i have shipping receits paypal reversed the charges back to me. Before they could be deducted i stopped payment from my i’m being investigated for fraud. items that i purchased months before on ebay the payments are being reversed and i have sellers hounding me for payment.

Let me qualify by saying that i have had perfect feedback until those overseas packages were lost. i had never mailed overseas before. I sell on ebay to keep my paralyzed boyfriend out of a nursing home so the income is important to us and i would never jeopordize this by being fraudulant. I will do all that i can to see that paypal is held responsible for their actions.Beware of PAYPAY!!! Thank you

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 1:14 pm

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