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Fraud, Lies and Threats

Fraud, Lies and Threats

I have 163 sales on eBay and my experience with PayPal is typical. Twice my account was illegally raided for a total of about $800.00. I was promised an investigation and received absolutely nothing. Fortuniately I am a Boston acocuntant so I had the wisdom to have moved all of my PayPal balanceĀ into my checking account where it has federal protection before the 2 illegal raids.

This caused a negative balance of $800.00 and then I was ordered to give them $800.00 out of my checking account or be sued and my account frozen. My research proved that both raids were illegal and totally without merit. When I presented PayPal with proof they offered to waive $400.00 if would send them $400 from my checking account. As I said, I am a Boston accountant, not an idiot. I gave them nothing and switched to PayDirect, personal checks and money orders and I am better off without them and their lies, threats and disgustingly poor service.

They would be doing me a favor if the closed my account because I have already tried to close it and they will not allow it. If they want to waste computer space it is fine with me because I will never use them again and I am not giving them a dime. As I told them, “You have your lawyers and I have mine!” I suggest that your place something in your listings such as, I DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL but I do accept etc: It works for me and I seize every opportunity to spread the word. Paypal is the next ENRON.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:11 am

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