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Fraud on PayPal

By Katie

G’day.  I have just been ripped-off US$500 & US$480. They tried to take $310 & $100 too but my card was up to it’s limit. I only found out when I logged on to my email to find receipts from Paypal saying I had successfully made payments to someone I had never heard of, & never bought anything from. So much for Paypal being secure.

I stopped my card, & my bank’s Fraud Dept is investigating. I will notify the Australian Federal Police & Interpol tomorrow. I will NEVER deal with eBay or Paypal again & urge others to avoid them like the plague. It is sickening to find so much money stolen apparently so easily. I hope the mongrels who stole it meet with a really nasty accident & die, painfully & slowly. Cheers, from Downunder, Katie.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:23 am

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