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Fraud is rampant with ePay and Paypal

Over a 4 week period from the end of January 2016 over £50,000 worth of fraudulent transactions were made through both our ebay and paypal accounts. These were carefully hidden on ebay by swiftly moving the sales to our archived page and on paypal the monies were swiftly moved to a false bank account which had been added to our paypal (and also confirmed somehow) all indicating both our ebay and paypal accounts had been hacked into.
All these purchases had been made using either new ebay accounts and stolen card details or somehow directly through our paypal account with no invoices. each time between purchase, transfer to paypal and withdrawal to false bank account took less than an hour.
It is obvious both our ebay and paypal accounts have been hacked into with several changes made to hide the transactions and others made to allow bulk purchases too.
Despite all of this and many hours of emails, online chat and phone calls to both ebay and paypal(including paypal fraud department) they have both come to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong and we are liable for the full amount including £800 of ebay fees despite the fact paypal have refunded those people, leaving us with a total debt of some £50,000 +.
The original card holders are claiming the money back as unauthorized use through chargebacks. One person had over £12,000 taken in a matter of days but his card company never question anything despite there being 6 transactions in total, likewise over £50,000 went through our payapl account in 4 weeks and paypal never questioned anything despite them all being massively larger than our usual sales…and they say they monitor every single transaction for suspicious activity. paypal were told of the false account added to our account and that is where the money has gone and NOT to us. It is all so obvious that it is fraud, but 2 months on and both ebay and paypal say there is nothing wrong and we are liable for the full amount, not the card compani es, not the banks, not ebay and not paypal…and they are the ones that process the sales… not us, we never see a customers bank details at any point. Just easier for them to chase us for the money and not the criminals. Also Action Fraud Online say there isn’t enough proof for it to make it worth their while investigating… so unless there is a massive U turn then this will end up in only one place…Court…Me against the “Big Boys”… and I can’t wait !

Posted: April 6, 2016 at 4:23 pm

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