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Fraudulant Transaction

By Paul

Can anyone please offer me some advice on what my next course of action should be. I have a paypal account linked to my UK bank account and my UK credit card account. I made the the mistake of clicking on a buy it now product on ebay valued at £179.99. One hour later I received an email from the safety and fraud dept on ebay as below.

Dear Paul Pikios (,

Please be advised that the following listing:
5748117419 – !!NEW!! i-RIVER PMP-120 MP3 Player !!NEW!! has been removed from eBay. The seller is no longer a registered user. Since this listing was removed, you are not required to complete the transaction.

Customer Support (Trust and Safety Department)
eBay Inc

I contacted ebay support and they told me to contact paypal. I contacted paypal and they told me that the transaction is instantaneous and they could could not void the paypal transfer as it already took place. The only option I had left was to call my bank and not authorise paypal to take any funds from either of my bank accounts.

Meanwhile I logged a case on paypal and managed to receive up to $200 USD under
the buyer complaints policy. However this still left me in a negative balance of around £80 that I still refuse to pay paypal. I have told paypal numerous times that must seek
reimbursement from the fraudulent seller and not me, as the seller has not been contactable and goods were received by myself. I have also told them to tell me exactly which clause in the user agreement I have broken and I will pay the negative outstanding balance.

After numerous negative balance emails and numerous phone calls achieving nothing.  They have now actioned a financial services team to seek money from myself. I have told the financial services team that I refuse to pay the amount oweing (i.e) the negative balance until paypal tell me exactly which clause in the user agreement I broke. The financial services told me to ring paypal and sort it out with them. I rang paypal back and they told me now that this was between me and the finacial services team now.

Am I legally binded to pay paypal back the negative balance for a fraudulent

Am I authorising paypal to deduct money from my bank account the moment I press
the buy it now option in ebay ???

Morally I think I should stick to my guns and not give paypal anything and that they should be seeking the funds from the fraudulent seller. Any advice would be great ??

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 1:25 pm

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