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Froze my ability to transfer funds from bank

Froze my ability to transfer funds from bank (no other limitations). (??) Then PayPal told me had to send in photo ID, I refused and proceeded to close my account, informed PayPal in many emails. To close account PayPal had to transfer money back to my bank account (their rules). And so they did. All this time I was thinking I could not access my account to close because I refused to send photo ID. Had a recurring payment of $12 which would have been not sent IF I had closed my account. So, now after telling them to send final bill (was Dutch recurring payment and paypal won’t know how much the actual charge will be until the client actually cashes in the payment??) and I would send money order.
So …and here’s the good part …THEY HAVE NO WAY IN PLACE TO GIVE ME A FINAL BILL (ready?) …so they will send it TO A COLLECTION AGENCY!!!!
So someday in the near or very far future I will get a collection agency calling me day and night for a $12 charge. …bet they add a shitload of fees, too. Am sooo done with these guys. Am wondering if this is because I gave a 111,000 sales seller on ebay a neutral and told him if he wanted to sell internationally he should follow International Trade Laws.

Posted: June 25, 2012 at 3:54 pm

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3 thoughts on “Froze my ability to transfer funds from bank
  1. alijandra on

    WOW that’s just crazy!!! How can they mange to do all the things they do. I just don’t understand it. SO they screw you over and then want to send you to collections really? The more I read about this company the more I cant wait for karma to bite them in their ass and to see them get what they got coming to them. Just sucks that there are so many victims of this ridiculous company

  2. Jorge on

    paypal is the most law-less place online. there are no federal regulations that needs to be followed and no trade laws that has to be obeyed by.
    I had my paypal account hacked and then paypal shut my account down. I had not done anything wrong I was the victim yet I was treated like crap by them. THey never helped me get my money back either so I lost over $150 that i had in my account before it was hacked.

  3. Murillo S on

    Aw man, a collection agency… that really blows. Paypal doesn’t seem to know their front from their backside now do they? They jerked me around for two and a half weeks over an order that a customer placed. I had to send in a copy of my state issued ID (I don’t drive), invoices and lease. They were upset because I didn’t have a utility bill but I rent efficiency so my electric, water and cable are included. Boy I’ll tell ya, by the time they released my funds I just about had it with them. I opened a merchant account; I keep it tied into a specified bank for when I do have orders to process.