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Frozen account for not using paypal/ebay’s shipping and handling.

I was doing good and making some money then PayPal froze my account. I have 99.7% feedback rating out of 381 postive I think that’s really good. Only 1 negative that i did not deserve. They froze my accounts because my seller acount is below standard all of a sudden. They said To ship in 24 hours which I try to do almost always and to put tracking which I do what’s the problem??? Oh and use thier shipping and handling. I was doing fine on my own and they charge me on top of that fee. So now I am being punished with really no good reasons to hold my money. I am literaly going out of business if I can’t get my money soon thing still have to be paid. I still have to ship cost money too. This is just a lame excuse to hold my money. If I am doing good thay are making money with me on pay pal fees and and ebay makes money with me too. So why would they do this to turn me off and make me shut down my account. How stupid they are because I no longer want to sell with them any more. They can not make money with me again. They got me this time but no more. So, they just lost me as a good honst seller. Pay pal and ebay will continue to do this as long as the people are stupid enough to let them not me I’m out. They might have got me this time but they will never make another dime off of me agin. If everybody thought like me and closed everything down. Then we can put a stop to it. I wish that could happen and put them out of business. But, unfortunetly they will have sellers who don’t know any better to keep feeding this so it will continue to happen……so sad they get away with ruining people’s lives :(

Posted: July 2, 2012 at 4:46 pm

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3 thoughts on “Frozen account for not using paypal/ebay’s shipping and handling.
  1. Fragile Frenzy on

    Ah but haven’t you heard? 99.7% isn’t good enough for paypal; they want 100% all the time. No screw ups allowed EVER. I’m sorry but I was using paypal for 6 years before they did me dirty. My account was limited and I had no clue. I assumed that there was money on my Paypal credit card so I charged away while on vacation. My head nearly exploded when I found out I was negative to the tune of $4,352. A damn huntsman complained about a tool I sold him which snowballed into all my funds being held. I was livid. Don’t use them, cut your ties.

  2. Italia Amore on

    Using paypal has been nothing but a headache for me. I refuse to ever do business with them again. I had an account for 18 months and they started increasing my funding time by 21 days. This just didn’t work for me. Because of them I lost a bulk of my clients and I still haven’t been able to find a replacement but I’ll continue to take the financial loss until I find a trustworthy company to work with. They don’t care how great or bad your feedback it, truth be told, they will get you one way or another.

  3. Dorreth on

    PayPal tricked me into giving a full refund when I responded to a “non-receipt” claim and submitted, I got a “thank you for the full refund.” The next day the Buyer received her item and denied it for 7 days until FedEx tracking proved otherwise. Buyer got the money and the free item. Next, a nasty buyer opened the same claim and left me negative feedback, so PayPal placed the buyer’s payment on “hold.” They give Buyers full control and Sellers, no rights. It’s time for sellers like me to move on.