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Frozen account for no reason

Last week paypal froze over $9000.00 (my customer’s money) on my pay-pal account for 180 days. They did it without any reasons. My company has 100% positive feedback, Gold Power Seller and Top Rated Seller on E-bay. I spoke to Jamie Hodges (Risk Analyst) and she said I did absolutely nothing wrong but this is business decision.
There is nobody in this criminal company I can talked about it. This person Jamie Hodges is piece of crap. I can not refund my customers money or ship merchandise. Jamie said they will keep my $9700.00 as a security deposit !!!!! I wanted to cancel the paypal account and it is also impossible. My customers are very upset because they think I have their money. I understand them because they paid. Now I have some merchandise I can ship but I am not going to do it because I was not paid. Paypal is screwing the seller and the buyers in this case all while they earn interest on my money. Needless to say I will not be using Paypal anymore.

Posted: May 16, 2012 at 2:46 pm

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5 thoughts on “Frozen account for no reason
  1. Jamie White on

    Ahh the grasp of Payhell holding your money. It is almost like they are enjoying f&%king with people. It is amazing that anyone is still using Paypal. And I don’t blame you for not shipping your merchandise the buyers have paid for because you on’t know if you will ever see this money. Who knows how long PayPal is planning on holding on to your “security deposit” It sucks for the buyers that have paid but they have to take up their beef with Paypal since it is Paypal that has their money and not you.

  2. Tyler on

    Typical Paypal behavior. Holding your money for no reason screwing with you business and making you lose business to help fatten their pockets. I had they hold 2 grand of my fund for over 180 days. Needless to say my customers were not very happy and it cost me some business. Thats when I decided to look for an alternative to paypal and came across this website Ive been processing with them for over a year and it has been a breeze. Get my money within 3 business days and all my customers are happy. It has actually increased my business

  3. Freddy D. on

    This does not surprise me one bit. i had a friend who sold piano parts online. She sold this one part that the buyer needed to get her piano working. the buyer sent her over 600 dollars. Well that money was frozen for more than 180 days. My friend tried to get a hold of these PayPal several times so they can release the money and no luck what so ever. So she went to an alternative site which they have great reviews called merchant inc. The buyer wanted the part so bad end up buying it from her on that site.Thought using paypal was easy, well think again. My friend learn her lesson. I hope you people will too.

  4. Leo on

    After a Pay Pal system fault with my credit card info previously linked to another e mail address and after talking to 6 helpful but not “empowered to do squat” call centre/limitation dept people over two days I finally received an e mail confirmation number telling me my account was reset and I could now activate it. I was told to wait for 24 hrs for the system to refresh then all will be fixed – its all on tape and logged.
    After logging in as directed by the confirmation e mail I was sent I was informed that my card was disabled.
    After talking to all these kind but helpless folks I finally received an e mail telling me limitations had been placed and I needed to re-verify and provide a whole bunch of personal information/documentation after Pay Pal had reset my data online with ME.
    I asked to be taken off the system but that is not possible, even to be kicked out is impossible.
    So they have basically kindly enabled me to log in but do nothing else. Does this make any sense other than to an IQ challenged management who create all this idiocy? I requested on the record three times to speak to a senior manager/supervisor and none was available/willing to talk.
    This organization is suspect and operates more and more like a low level repressive government agency of the West. In the East they fix transactional problems much faster and are generally more intelligent and user friendly. (And I am European).
    By the way if you paradoxically sign in as a guest it is pure pleasure, everything works. When you register with them with some merchants who do not have a “guest sign” alternative it can/has become pure hell. And I am trying to PAY someone who is now also going to have a chat or two with someone hopefully more capable but might have to change his system to get paid.
    Be aware when you use and register with these people. They are becoming more unpredictable and unreliable.
    Any glitch in their system and they will make you pay for it. But they probably work hand in glove with their government, the only possible explanation for being so out of touch with customers.

  5. Mr. B on

    I know this is late but you should have advised your customer to file a dispute with his bank/credit card company so he will get his money back, then you can deal with him directly or through another pay service.