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Frozen account

PayPal have frozen my account due to alleged misuse of the customers credit card. Although Paypal say the account is frozen they are reducing the amount originally frozen from subsequent payments from website customers. PayPal now advise me that they have refunded the monies to the credit card in question. I have sent Paypal copies of the emails between the customer and myself regarding the order which show that we followed proper practice. Also confirmation from the shipper that the goods were received by the customer. I now have an email from the customer complimenting us regarding the handling of her order. My last conversation with Paypal suggests to me that I ‘can swing’ for a reimbursement to my paypal account. In the past I have had serious problems handling payments to ODesk.
I am now looking for the best alternative for Australia. Any advice will be appreciated.

Posted: January 31, 2014 at 7:24 pm

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