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Frozen Paypal and Bank Accounts

Paypal can also freeze your bank accounts as well. I had been a paypal/ebay user for over 6 years and then I started a drop shipping business. Because of the increase of sales I was limited (4) separate times in (30) days. After giving them all of the information they required including ID, Bank Statements, IRS information, etc., They released the account but put a $35,000.00 rolling reserve on my account for 60 days, plus they would add 15% of all sales additionally into this account. So, for instance 15% of the sales would only be released on day 61 and so on. This was considerably detrimental to business and forced me to extend my shipping times out. Then came the big freeze. Limit #4 within 30 days. Froze over $60,000.00 in my Paypal account and they froze all of my Chase bank accounts associated with my PayPal account. An additional $25,000.00. I had no complaints, no negative feedback and refunded requests promptly. I was shipping and delivering my product per my listings. PAYPAL IS A NIGHTMARE DO NOT USE.
I am currently in litigation with these people and am about to go to trial.
Seller Beware……

Posted: March 22, 2013 at 6:08 pm

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