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Twice Frozen By PayPal

By Andrew Shipp

Hi, I have twice now had my account frozen by Paypal.  Both times, i have had over £200.00 in there which i had chosen to accumulate ready for a holiday.  On requesting what the problem was, i was informed that it was “Just routine” as they had reason to believe that i was not legitimate.  Yet, i have had a paypal account for over 3 years and not one bad feedback!!! To add injury to insult, i received a payment for an item i sold through e-bay, and on being informed that the payment was in my paypal account, sent the item to the customer only to be told by Paypal after 4 days, that they were witholding the payment to me pending an unauthorised transaction. 

After spending 90 minutes on the phone, i was finally informed that they were looking in to it and might possibley send the payment back to the person who purchased the item from me. 6 weeks later, this is exactly what happened leaving me without the money and the item i had sold.  Paypal would do NOTHING to help and told me that it was all done to protect me, the seller!!!

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:39 am

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One thought on “Twice Frozen By PayPal
  1. Syntara Sarych on


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