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Funds held with no real reason given

After being an eBay user buyer/seller since 2009 I have never had funds held until now. In the last month every bit of my funds were held on every sale I made. Customer Service gave many reasons why but when the reasons they gave didn’t apply one would blame the other. eBay blame Paypal then Paypal blames eBay. The customer Service people lied and made up reasons. I caught’em on each offence . Ultimately I was told I don’t sell enough. NICE, I’m being penalized for not being a walmart on eBay.

I had 2 purchases sent out and they said oh they haven’t been delivered yet. I shipped within 12 hours of the sale and followed tracking info guidelines. Customer service Rep. said well when buyer gets them money hold will be released. Both items arrived to buyers and both left positive feedback 100% satisfied and money is still being held.

I have 100% positive feedback and have never had a claim filed. Still money being held. On last call I was on with eBay and Paypal supervisor and was hung up on when I was being transferred to an even higher supervisor because I had exhausted the lame supervisor who knew nothing of what he was talking about. $5.00 an hour idiot.

Posted: November 1, 2013 at 6:28 pm

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