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Get The Message Out

By Scott

After reading some of the “wall of shame” letters, I started to think about alternatives to emails and letters being sent to PayPal about frozen accounts, etc. It seems that most people are getting nowhere with autoresponder messages and employees on the phone with customer service at Paypal.  I am in the business of serving process in California where PayPal is located. Wouldn’t it make more of an impact to have them personally served in their offices with your letter or complaint by a California Process Agent?  Have your complaint, letter, law suit or “proof of identity” personally served on PayPal. We can also provide PayPal with a copy of the law with respect to obstruction or resistance to service of process in the U.S.when serving any process of the court if that is what you are sending.

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Subject:PayPal Service
Process Service Agent, California #95008

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 10:58 am

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