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Getting My Money Back

By Walter Trask

Do you know where we can send this to the judge Jermey Fogel to see if
we can get our money back? I have e-mailed Remix Company several times and tried to contact them several times by phone and today(6/07/04).I tried to contact them by phone for about 3 hours steady with no avail and keep getting a recording that the answer machine is full.

I think e-bay should screen their sellers thoughly and not let e-bay customers become victims to a scam and victims of fraudulent sellers.If I don’t hear a response from these people within a week or if you people can not get in contact with them we will get intouch with the Attorney General in California and also the Governor.I am e-mailing ebay security and paypal all the transactions on the paper work.Thank you for your time.
Walter Trask

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 12:43 pm

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