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Are there any good options to eBay?

Ebay restricted my selling account because they “suspected” that i was dealing with counterfeit items. None of it is true. None. I contacted them and offered to mail them any item on my site that they thought was questionable. they said they don’t receive mail. I had thousands of pos. feedback, but apparently a few disgruntled buyers filed malicious, untrue accusations against me. The restriction is indefinite/permanent, and there is no appeals process. Thousands of dollars worth of business, down the drain. My excellent feedback meant nothing to them. They treated me like i was some kind of bootlegger/peddler on the street. i would’ve had more rights if i’d been an enemy prisoner detainee at Guanatanemo Bay. Are there other selling sites one can recommend? Ebid, Offer, and Bonanza don’t seem to get much traffic. Are there others? I still have my paypal account but I am sure it is just a matter of time until that gets restricted as well.

Posted: October 24, 2012 at 2:19 pm

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One thought on “Are there any good options to eBay?
  1. Gina Roscoe on

    I havent found a site that gets as much traffic as ebay, there are others than the ones you mentioned but honestly they just aren’t worth the time. I wish everyone would just drop ebay and move on to something better but unfortunately ebay is what most have gotten used to. Other sites are often better then eBay but just don’t have enough members using them. And rather then waiting for paypal to limit your account and hold your funds you should just withdraw all your money and use a merchant account. Ever thought about selling from your own website? That mya be one way to do it.