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Got My Money Back

By Earnest

About a year ago(November 2002) I sold a laptop on ebay. The buyer paid through paypal since I had no trouble with Paypal up to then. One day after sending payment for an item I purchased on ebay 3 months after the laptop transaction, paypal took 640 dollars from my account but the item i purchased on ebay only cost ~11 dollars. Called Paypal and found out that couple weeks after the payment for the laptop was deposited the payment had been reversed and paypal could not help me. They told me that they did not have to notify me for the reversal of funds and I had to go sort this out with the buyer of the laptop. I tried to dispute the transaction with the bank and kept in contact  with the buyer of the laptop.

According to the buyer of the laptop, paypal had charged him twice and even made his bank account go over his balance. In the end the bank rejected my dispute telling me that paypal challenged the chargeback. I then verified with the buyer that his story was correct by asking him to send me proof that his bank account was charged twice by paypal and that the buyer was telling the truth. Knowing that my bank would not help me I decided to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau(BBB) and the Federal Trade Commision(FTC). I demanded that Paypal refund my money and also make a formal apology and pay me back lost interest for the disputed amount since it has been almost a year. I filed a complaint on a Tuesday and by the weekend the disputed amount was mysteriously credited to my account.

Also by Tuesday of the following week I received a letter from the BBB with Paypal’s side of the story. The letter consisted of an apology for the difficulties I experienced through paypal but they say that the buyer was at fault and they could not do anything. I don’t know if this was just a coincidence but I’m just glad I got my money back.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 8:11 am

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