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Someone hacked and used my PayPal account

My PayPal account has been dormant for a few years and in January, I received a genuine email from them, which said there is an unusual activities on my account. Please log into PayPal and change your password etc. I went to the site and updated all the information. Then I noticed there were a few purchases made, but not by me. So I disputed them. PayPal investigated and informed me that they have refunded the payment. That was when alarm bells started ringing. My credit card registered with PayPal was not charged, so I informed PayPal that my credit card was not charged. I heard nothing back from them. The refund cases were closed, charge-back cases were closed. So I thought, OK, they resolved it.

Then three months later, my account was restricted again. This time they requested refund for charge-back. From what I could see, someone hacked into my account, tried to use my current credit card, declined. They added someone else credit card, made purchase. PayPal has told me on the phone that they have refunded to that other credit card. I tried to explained that it must be a fraud, but you are so right, the person at customer services, kept saying the same thing over and over again that doesn’t make sense to me at all. They couldn’t even explain it clearly. I live in New Zealand, the purchase was made from a company in Mexico, by a person in USA. The delivery address was in South E Monte. PayPal was adamant that they check “billing address of all the credit cards that are registered”. If that’s the case, they should know who the credit card company is. It will take them 2 minutes to figure out the credit card was issued by US credit card company, because the payment was converted from Mexican Peso to US. How a person who lives and give a New Zealand address as credit billing address, possibly obtain a credit card issued in USA? Are they that thick to see the problem here? My other problem was understanding the person who was on my case, I believe our customer service for NZ is run by call center in Philippines. They may sound like Americans, but when I tried to get into details of it, they have no understanding. Didn’t even know what to tell me so they kept repeating same thing over and over again like a parrot. I want to close my PayPal account, but they have limited it so I can’t do anything at the moment. Thanks for listening.

Posted: May 12, 2014 at 6:17 pm

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4 thoughts on “Someone hacked and used my PayPal account
  1. kbshannah on


    I’m a journalist doing a story on cyber-theft, and I hope to hear more about your experience. Similar incidents happen frequently these days and there are not enough measurement–I believe your story can help so many people who fell victim of cyber-loss, and to raise awareness on this issue. I would very much appreciate it if you can contact me–hpark.ktv (@)

    I will look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Avis on

    I was told to contact my pay pal account. That’s been hacked. To muc

  3. Kelly Ching on

    Someone use my PayPal account charge my $164.96 and more how to stop something wrong please help
    Thanks you

    Kelly Ching

  4. Kelly on

    Someone else has used my PayPal account and email and password