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Hacked Paypal account. Cleaned out bank account. What to do!

This may not work in all situations, but I will explain what I did.

My Paypal account was hacked, and my checking account was emptied. I put in a complaint on Paypal’s resolution center. In the meantime, they told me they are freezing the money until they come to a resolution. Sound familiar? Below were the steps I took:

1) Go to your bank and file an unauthorized withdrawal form. I received a claim number from my bank.
2) I also froze all incoming debits to my checking account. Now money cannot be taken out, but direct deposits and other credits can come in. This will cause outstanding checks to bounce, but if your money is frozen, they will bounce anyways . I notified the recipients of my outstanding checks of my problem. Your bank may waive the bounced check fees. Don’t forget to ask.
3) The very next day, the money was returned from Paypal. Very strange transaction. There was no credit to my account, but the money was somehow returned. My case on Paypal still shows as open. Now I have my money back in an account that cannot be debited again by Paypal.
4) Open a new checking account and have your bank transfer your money to the new account (remember your debits are still frozen. You cannot do this yourself).
5)Never give Paypal the new account number.

I hope this works for someone else

Posted: July 12, 2013 at 6:52 pm

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