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Hacked with no recourse

This little adventure started over a weekend. On a Sunday I noticed I had a couple of emails from PayPal. I took a look and it was some charges coming in that I had not done. I quickly went into PayPal to change my password but was unable to. You see, to change your password you have to verify credit information. However, seeing as how I was being hacked, it did not seem prudent to me to verify accurate credit information that could then be used to take my money.

So… being unable to change my password, I removed all my bank and credit card information except 1 of each which I was not able to since there were now pending transactions. I put a hold on that credit card and contacted the bank about the account. In the end we decided to just close down that account. I of course also wrote PayPal and contested the charges.

In the end, a few more charges appeared and PayPal cleared a couple of them but then decided not to clear the rest. Brilliant! It was humorous to get their phone calls asking if I was ready to pay the balance to which I would answer “no”.

In the end, PayPal is the one losing out here. I am not paying someone to hack me. PayPal has NO method to freeze the account, change your password or do anything intelligent if you are hacked. Instead they want you to make sure your info is valid so the hacker can take your money. Then the genius continues in that they reversed SOME of the charges during this hacking event but not all? I mean, wouldn’t it be all or nothing?

Well, they did not get anything from me, nor will they. PayPal as well as eBay are foolishly twisted and one way or another will get your money. Don’t trust them.

Posted: August 21, 2012 at 3:06 pm

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2 thoughts on “Hacked with no recourse
  1. henna on

    you never have any resources with paypal, it’s their way or the highway. That’s it. They don’t care to help you or even keep your business. If you are a victim of fraud or a scam involving paypal you will be penalized by paypal, while the scammer is free to find other victims. My Paypal account was also hacked and somehow I was treated like it was MY fault.

    • lyn on

      I have been used by a scammer too to receive a possibly hacked amount, they send it to my paypal, I meet this scammer while I am hunting for online job. The only fault i did is i trust him/her. The process is they don’t have paypal in ukraine so they’re looking for a verified account to receive payment from their costumer and all I have to do is to withdraw the money that they’ll send to my paypal and i have to send it to the name and address in ukrain that they provide via western union and they give me $20/successful transaction… Right after i send them the money that is being send to my paypal, after 4days paypal message me that its unauthorized withdrawal that cause my account to be blocked… Then its like I feel like a scammer even I am a victim here… :-(