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Harassment from PayPal staff at Resolution Center

I would like to complain an harassment I got from one of the staff (forgot to ask what his name was) in Resolution center last week during 30 July – 2 August 2012 concerning my blocked account with Paypal. Please double check with the incomming telephone calls, I believe it was recorded. I phoned from Thailand via my skype account.

This staff talked to his paypal client with angry tone and unprofessionally as if he works in the “mafia” business.

I had to do the probing questions after his beat-around-the bush talking that he said Paypal required US social security number since I have one of the shipping address care of a US friend of mine in New Jersey.

I explained to him that I am not the US citizen and the reason I added that US shipping address for those won items from Ebay, which will not be shipped outside the US.

He confirmed receipt of my National Id card, National passport and my utility bills that have my name and my current local resident adddress in my country.

Still, this PayPal staff dragged on that he needed my proof of utility bills to that New Jersey friend of mine with my name on it. Again I explained that I do not live there it was for the shipping purposes only.

Finally he asked and forced me to close my paypal account by walking me through the account closing process.

I understand that Paypal has updated its policy few years back that the won purchase items can be shipped to any shipping addresses provided that it was with prior approval from Paypal, which in this case that US shipping address is there in my paypal account for quite a long time receiving quite a few items already.

I respect and will comply with any existing rules and regulations of Paypal but I will not accept that kind of harassment from the staff who performed his functitons and treat its client unprofessionally.

I wish that Human Resources Department at Paypal be very serioius in looking into its recruitment process and select a good an efficient staff to work with one of the well-know world wide on-line business.

Thank you and Regards,
long-term paypal member

Posted: August 8, 2012 at 3:18 pm

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2 thoughts on “Harassment from PayPal staff at Resolution Center
  1. Silvia on

    Paypal isn’t exactly known for their excellent customer service. Just about the opposite. I have never had any success or pleasant experiences calling them. They have never been rude to me but they just don’t know anything and there is nothing they can do to help you either so they are kinda useless to contact, just a big waste of time. I can read the FAQ online I don’t need to be on hold for 20 minutes to have someone read me the answers.

  2. Tom’s Pastries on

    I had an issue with a buyer trying to get a refund. I felt that they were within their rights so I had no issue giving them their money back – apparently paypal did. I tried submitting a refund on 4 separate occasions, each time I would get a new wacko error message. The paypal contact I received was despicable. The customer service reps insisted that the issue was on my end. To make a long story short, I wrote the client a check from my business account and the matter was settled without PayPal’s help. They suck. I guess my point is that their staff is incompetent and I don’t think eBay understands the recourse for hiring dumbass staff. People like you and me high-tail it! I will never use paypal again.