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Very hard to communicate with paypal/ebay

Years ago, (2 to 4), my late brother-in-law (B.I.L) had a heart attack and we were at his house- in Borr.rego Spring, CA . Received a water filter that was damaged before being placed into the Shipping Box. Disputed with eBay & PayPal but they kept stalling, so in disgust, canceled my payment on Credit Card. In the meantime my B.I.L’s condition worsened and was in a wheel chair. Fearing that he would be unable to fly, my wife and he were put on a plane to Arlington, TX (our permanent address. He was placed into a Nursing home and died three months later. I had to put the house up for sale, Rent the longest covered trailer I could find, load it up and take it, along with our cat and his dog. In all this, I lost the package, and the sellers address. Despite eMails, Letters, etc. to eBay & PayPal (These Bastards make it impossible to speak to a human being) have been unable to resolve this. By this time, I’ve found the blasted damaged water filter. I’ve even offered to pay for the damed thing (38 or $39. All to no avail. All I have at this time, is the incident number (or Whatever they call it) but no one answers my letters or ANY communications. I had a lot of computer stuff, I was planning to sell, but finally gave it to the Salvation Army.

Posted: October 3, 2013 at 9:00 pm

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