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Hate Being With PayPal

By Rich Valenta

WOW, I am a small time web master, and I was looking to start maybe helping people by using some sort of credit card payment options on sites I admin for people.  I was going to check out paypal, and I saw your site… I knew I should at least look to see what it had to say.

THANK YOU…. I’d have hated to get involved with paypal.  I have much reading yet to do… but I had some thoughts I thought I’d send.

First, It would be good (considering Ebay… a good company) has bought Paypal, to get a good repore with Ebay, to resolve these issues.  They CANT be as defensive as paypay, because they are not like this in all likelyhood.

Is it the fault of THIS SITE that Ebay purchased the paypal nightmare because of their lack of research??  Make this point to Ebay, that this site is filled with complaints from what is now THEIR company, but wasnt before, and are they just going to shurk paypals responsibility because of their poor research into the purchase of the company?

Then, offer Ebay the key to all the data on this site… so that they may TRULY look into these old accounts.  Make them promise or maybe even legally bind themself that NO person posting here will be further punished by Ebay OR Paypal for posting a negative comment if you give them your last name. Make a CLEAR mark that shows what problems have occured AFTER the Ebay purchase of paypal, from the problems BEFORE the purchase.  At least, it will show Ebay is trying.

Then, I think you should have a very easy and simple sign up list, that allows visitors to the site to add their name to a “strike” list that shows that they will not use PayPal until XXXXXX<your criteria here>XXXXXXX in support of this site, and maybe the same for Ebay.  It might not be bad to team up with any “down with Ebay” sites you may find, and even offer Ebay to help with those issues.

Next, I think you should check with an attorney about your rights as a citizens advocacy group.  You are non-profit correct? That benefits does that give your site, how do you fall under freedom of speech.

Last but not least, I wish you every bit of luck, and I will ask God himself to stomp down anyone against you, when it comes to domain names and trademarks.  That whole damn thing is a joke, and ridiculous.

Anyway, I dont know much about *.ASP web programming, but I am familiar with PHP scripting and quite good at working with web sites.  I think I could offer up a pretty nice “facelift” to this site that you might enjoy.  Please send me an email to my listed email address, and I will try and make a hidden temporary homepage for the site you can browse and check out my design skills.  I have a few other ideas to suggest, too.

Great site, Ebay and Paypal, you need to do your jobs!!!  If I did work like this, I’d be fired!!!!

Rich Valenta

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 12:10 pm

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One thought on “Hate Being With PayPal
  1. Ray Morris on

    Paypal sucks big time, not only are they hard to deal with as to receive your money, but whenever I try to get in contact paypal,will put me on hold for about half an hour for someone to answer, and sometimes not even get answered at all!!! I feel that they should be stoped as soon as possiable. I have given up on them, and went to another account. One who cares and goes out of their way to help you. Good luck!!!