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I Hate Stupid PayPal

By Ryan

I had $1600 in my account and purchased $800 in merchandise. PayPal took the $800 for the merchandise and took another $1600 out of my account!!!

Now my account is -$800!

When I try to close my account it says I owe them $800!

I cant even open a new account with my credit card details as they have already been registered.

I contacted them and they gave me instructions on how to reset my balence.

It then charged my account another $800!

They wont give me instructions on how to change my paypal balence back without paying them the money I supposidly owe them.

Stupid, I hate PayPal!

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 11:23 am

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2 thoughts on “I Hate Stupid PayPal
  1. DHD on

    Paypal always stole money from user account.
    When withdraw money, they force user withdraw money to local currency with very very low conversion (not like Skrill can withdraw in USD, EUR)
    when withdraw fail comeback from bank (due to error of Paypal system) they convert again to USD from local currency with very very high rate, so after withdraw not successfull by Paypal error, I loss about 30USD/100 USD withdrawal amount
    very very stupid Paypal

  2. vanessa on

    I got an email saying i have 3000$ in my acount but says i have to send 800 $ that vi dont have but i stupidly already sne dthe ring and im out 70$