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I’m Hating PayPal

By Marci

I hate payapl.  They should be closed down!!!! I have a paypal account that I closed 3 months ago because I was using Which I am much happier with.  Anyways, I received a chargeback from paypal for the amount of 700.00.  Paypal never contatced me phone, mail, e-mail.  In the meanwhile My sister also who uses paypal got locked out of her account because we use the same computer.  We were told that the account was linked together somehow? 

My sister has 3,000.00 in her paypal account which they won’t release becuase were somehow connected but were not….. Now paypal saysa for use to call at the same time and explain the circumstances.  Well we tried that am when we did do what we were told I was told that, they cannot talk to two people and hung up on use after using swear words.  These phone people work for us.  We pay their salary with the fees that paypal charges. I want to start a lawsuit against paypal.  If anyone can help please direct me.



Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:47 am

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