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Holding my funding with unreasonable time frame

I been buying from eBay for months and decided to sell an item which an ebay buyer bought for $300. I checked my Paypal account and the money was transferred to my paypal account but it stated that it will not be available form 21 days meaning I can’t touch that money for up to 21 days. After 21 days I wanted to transfer the money to my personal bank account and again it stated that it could take 3-4 more days for that process but before I can do that, I need to confirm/link my bank account to Paypal which will take 3-5 more days. I tried to confirm my bank account after 5 days and it failed so now I have to contact their costumer service dept which put me on hold indefinitely due to high number of callers. I finally hung up since I only have an hour for lunch. So I really can’t do anything until my personal account can be confirmed and linked with Paypal. Further more, I need to fax copies of my personal account transaction statements plus my drivers license to re-confirm and link my personal account to Paypal. Does Paypal give everyone the runaround with no customer service leaving you hanging in there while holding on to your money so they can make money with your money. Obviously Paypal keeping your money in their account is more benefit to them than to you. It makes me want to stop doing business with eBay and Paypal all together.

Posted: February 19, 2013 at 6:04 pm

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