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Holding my money, $1,313 for 180 days!!!!

How does PayPal get away with it. They are holding 1,313.00 of my money for 180 days… how is that even legal. Who do they think they are anyways. Is there any possible way to get my money back sooner? Looking for any advice please. They are literally stone walling me and treating me like a criminal. The CEO of PayPal doesn’t list his home address anywhere because he’s obviously afraid someone is going to punch his lights out. How does this happen in a country like the USA? He probably thinks it’s no big deal since he’s a multi millionaire as a result of all the monies he’s extorted from me and the millions of others like me. If we had any balls we’d lynch the son of bitch up in a public square as an example to anyone else thinking they can get away with that kind of bullshit.

Posted: August 8, 2013 at 5:49 pm

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