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Holding Money Hostage

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Ya so, I opened my account about a month ago. I do alot of business online with ebay. Buying, selling, trading etc…. I have about $900.00 in my paypal account. They decided to put restrictions on it. Now, they want utility bills to 3 address’s that I have had items shipped too. They want bank statements, id, copy of my birth certificate. WTF!!!! I thought this is why I got my account verified with my bank account. Anyway, I faxed over all the requested documents only to find out 3 days lkater they never recieved them!! So, I fAX AGAIN…. well now they need more stuff utility bills, another copy of the bacnk statment and so forth… So I go to the bank get the statement send it over, also a phone bill send it over. I get an email saying that I need to fax over a banmk statemnet and a utility bill.

HELLO!!!! I DID THAT!!! What do they want from me. They are holding my $900.00 hostage for no reason at all. They just feel like it, they will not even give me a reason to why they restricted my account in the first place. And when I fax over my documents that they requested, they either never got them or they want MORE STUFF!!! Now, I just called and told them thats what I have and thats what they get so either lift the restriction or hear from my lawyer. We will see what happens from hear.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 5:22 am

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