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Honest mistake put halt to business

my partner has a small shop on ebay selling cake toppers which she didn’t realise that using certain images couldn’t be used because of copyrights.
she started this shop because she can’t work because she suffers from depression & this varies from day to day how bad it can be but this year has been even harder as she lost her mum earlier on this year to cancer & now has to watch her father starting with it to.
so when she was receiving warnings about policy breaches she was not really taking it what was happening.
we tried explaining this to ebay in emails, phone calls &on-line chats but they wouldn’t listen so because of this Paypal has now also restricted the account & we have nearly £300 in there which my partner relies on to buy the items she needs continue with her business & to go a see her father
now because of this she’s turning people away who want toppers because they can’t pay with paypal.
in the 2/3 weeks things have been suspended she has turned people who emailed through ebay, that’s not including ones she doesn’t know about & she has also had to turn regular clients down from abroad who only deal through paypal
i’ve tried to contact and talking to paypal & they just said until ebay lift the restriction they can’t do anything.

Posted: September 7, 2012 at 3:44 pm

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2 thoughts on “Honest mistake put halt to business
  1. liz on

    So what is eBay saying you have to do in order to lift the restrictions? I would think that removing the images should do it. You really need to talk to eBay to try and resolve this and then hopefully paypal will follow suit.

  2. Mickey on

    So in short, you broke the law (copyright infringement); eBay asked you to stop; you ignored them; eBay suspends your account; PayPal does the same. So who is responsible for this? You are. Grow a set and take responsibility for your own actions.