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Recent horrendous experiences with PayPal

Sent 700 EUR to a friend living in Bucharest, Romania for plane tickets for her and a sister to visit her brothers in Italy on her birthday. Found out shortly after that her mother and other sister would be able to join them after all; so sent another 700 EUR. Both transfers were direct from my bank account and sent as transfer to family or friends. The receiver also accepted the funds as a transfer from family or friends. PayPal red flags the transactions, demands details of the products or services she is receiving payment for or her account will be limited in 4 days. We send my sender’s info, unique transaction IDs and assurance the transfer is not in violation of any PayPal agreements. Within 24 vhours her account is limited for 180 days… thank you for choosing PayPal to send money to family or friends… PayPal does not support sending money to family and friends. PayPal by default assumes every transaction is a purchase of products or services by default and refuse to listen to any argument to the contrary… they determine that, since you have not provided what they demand, you are in violation and they are justified in shutting down accounts and denying access to funds. The recipient does not get the money and the sender does not get a refund… PayPal simply keeps the money and levies fees for the privilege.

Posted: August 1, 2013 at 4:36 pm

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