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How Can This Continue?

By Karl

I have a perfect eBay feedback rating, and never committed any offense, and followed 100% of the PayPal agreement.  Two weeks ago, my account, with $1000 in it was put on hold because an unknown report of suspicious activity on my account tied to two transactions. The report was made my malicous kids who bid fraudulently on my auctions for Sony Playstation portables and ended up being deadbeat no-pay bidders. 

Instead of believeing me, the LEGIT member with a PERFECT record, I was asked to provide a huge list of data to verify my tranactions. With respect, I faxed it all in according to PayPal’s directives. I also spoke to someone in customer service who repeatedly told me she was sorry for the inconvenience and made several “notations” to my account pending the review of the documents. I provided everything they asked for, and more, yet kept getting more and more computer generated e-mails from canned names like “Jeff” and “Mike” at PayPay’s audit department. 

In the end I received the message “we can no longer do business with you.”  My account is now locked and I can’t get my $1000 for 180 days, if at all.  These guys are the scum of the earth . . . and need to be seriously investigated and shut-down by the feds. Any other business run this way would have been taken off-line by the FTC or the federal banking commission, and their executives jailed. 

How can this continue forever??

WHEN, will someone with the authority to deal with these scam artists DO SOMETHING!! There are countless stories like this . . . it’s fraud on a unprecedented scale. We need another major class action suit to make them pay for good . . .

PayPal, if you’re listening; go to hell.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 7:55 am

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