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Huge PayPal Problems

By Fred

I have used PayPal for the past couple years, without incident.  However, the past 2 weeks have been a real eye-opener.  This company cannot be trusted.  They have a number of policies that are very detrimental to both buyer and seller.  Both buyer and seller should be very wary of using PayPal.

For the past 8 days I been calling PayPal to resolve a very simple payment problem.  We have contacted both our bank, and VISA, we have been forced to FAX and mail confidential Bank information to PayPal, talked to their customer support several times, and still find the problem is not being fixed.

I have NEVER seen a company that is so difficult to work with.  They have shown no regard for either the buyer or the seller, and simply are running a very poorly managed company.  If there is any alternative, don’t use PayPal. I would like to see our Idaho State regulatory agencies file a lawsuit against them.

Posted: May 7, 2012 at 6:36 am

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