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I Can’t Use My Account

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Trying to buy a program on-line I signed up for Paypal, and I had to wait more than 7 days to get my 4 digit code from my credit card statement. I then tried to pay my purchase on-line, and was denied. I called paypal customer service (I live in Brunei) long distance, and after waiting a considerable amount of time I was told that I could not pay the transaction because had accidentially “hit their statistical risk model”, and that could happend to anyone, so there was no way I could pay the transaction..

This time my purchase was only for 98 $, but what if it had been a serious transaction and you hit their risk model while doing this?   What kind of system is that? They are able to make me pay for their service and deduct this from my account, but not able to process a payment.

This service is really a scam!

A very unhappy paypal customer.

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:18 am

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