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I Do Not Accept PayPal

By Ian Lambert

Hello there, I wrote to you a short time ago and introduced myself. I had a very polite email back from you saying to contact you again when we were bigger. I guess, you like everyone else didn’t seem to take me very seriosly (which is understandable I suppose :-)) However you neglected to say what amount of membership makes us worth your while and interested in us? I believe j-bids has been going around a year and they have 224 Members. We have been going around 3 weeks and have 213 Members. I would bet a Bottle of Jack Daniels we have close to 500 by Monday Morning.

I have given all users the option of ticking the box that says ‘I do not accept Paypal’ when they list and I am advertising your site all over the place to get the message across.

I was wondering if you were prepared to notice us yet? After all you had to have your first hit and so did paypal.

I am going to cost them both the figure I have stipulated and I have no problem going all the way alone either, however I was rather hoping you were also about a collective voice, that’s the impression I was left with after taking a look around your site.

I can’t quite bring myself to beg to be noticed and I am happy to leave it that my site and door is always open to you should you think the thresh hold worth crossing.

I apologise for not writing back sooner but 18hr days have left me little time untill this morning.

Keep up the good work and good fortune to all the crew, may your days bring you less stress and more smiles, regardless of what you may be smiling about cos when you smile it’s contagious and that’s one disease we all need more of.

Thank you for your time, I appreciate how busy you might be.

Kindest regards
Ian Lambert

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:33 am

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