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I’m Boycotting PayPal

By David Lynagh

I performed my first act as a seller on the sunday past via paypal to the tune of #875 (thats about $1500) on monday, after I shipped the item, paypal put a reversal on the transaction between my paypal account and my bank account saying the funds were fraudulent, then i received another e-mail saying my account has been limited, then I looked on my account to find them saying the buyer has put a complaint in about me. I have since been in contact with the buyer who seems to be as much in the dark as I am, thus i’m left wondering if it is paypal that has ripped me off or the buyer, either way i’m short of alot of money. for my first transaction this seems to be a doozy I will never use paypal again I implore everyone to boycott the service.

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 1:19 pm

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