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I Plan To Sue PayPal

By Robert Vanderstock

I have a similar PayPal nightmare to share.  A few months ago I opened an eBay account and a PayPal account.  Over the last few months I sold many little items and several big items.  All of a sudden I find emails from PayPal telling me I may have received unauthorized funds for two transactions.  My account went into a negative balance.  I emailed PayPal immediately informing them that buyers were verified, confirmed, etc., but all I received from them were form letters.  I told them I would sue!

Then shortly after I said that I get another email saying another payment in excess of $1,000 is on hold and that my account is limited, that they wanted all kinds of info.  I simply told PayPal that they’ll get my personal info only after they explain in detail what they are talking about other than just a broad explanation of unauthorized funds.  I am out about $200 or so, but if they ever think I’ll reimburse them almost $2,500 to cover the negative balance, they’re nuts!  PayPal sucks and after reading all these similar nightmares, why isn’t there more lawsuits against PayPal?

Posted: May 8, 2012 at 6:44 am

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2 thoughts on “I Plan To Sue PayPal
  1. Troy on

    Ya they froze my account because My bank account was activ strange (didn’t use it ever) so I called them and gave me instructions (they want the transaction numbers date and papers) (so I sent it to them)
    It got unfrozen
    2 days later: they froze it when I went to go buy something.
    (they ask for the same thing.

  2. Austin King on

    I have had a paypal account since 2007. I have never missed a payment, and have always paid a month ahead of time. my credit report can prove this. out of the blue paypal started charging me late pmt fees which put me over my credit limit after a while, then over limit fees on top of that. I have spoke with them, and at their request sent them a letter proving everything, that they made a mistake. they will not fix my credit, nor my credit balance with them. they say that I am wrong, without any proof that I am late on pmts. HELP!!!!