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I Wish PayPal To Stop

By Tony

On May 22, 2003 Paypal emailed me and said they thought someone other then myslef was using my social security number, they requested I fax them a current checking account statement, I immediately faxed them what they required along with my driver’s license and social security card to prove my identity. I also became very worried about identity theft and contacted my bank, local social security office and my local Federal bureau of Investigations office. My bank found no suspicious activity. Paypal sent me a form letter email stating that my proof of identity was not enough. Not enough? I thought, what else can I send them to prove Iam, me? My driver’s license and social security card was valid photo proof.

Paypal froze my account, I could not send or receive money and I could not withdraw my money. I was angry and I emailed and faxed Paypal 5 times demanding they close my Paypal account and issue me a check for the balance. Today, May 25, 2003 after I faxed a letter to Paypal, I recieved an email from a Paypal representative named “Rachel” who requested that I send her $100.00 via my credit card and she would “unfreeze” my Paypal account. This is an attempt at extortion, so I emailed Paypal immediately and filed complaints with the BBB and Attorney Generals Office. This is the first time I have had problems with Paypal and it is the last time I ever do business with Paypal. I ahve added “No Paypal” logos in all my ebay auctions and I have posted that I no longer accept Paypal. I hope Paypal ceases doing business in the near future.

Tony Notaro

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 10:33 am

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