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Illegal ATM Card Use

By Paddy

I have a paypal account and have had it for almost two years, but now, unauthorized transactions were made on my account via my paypal ATM card that paypal issued me.

The only people who had access to this card was paypal, the post office who delivered the card to me and myself.  The only thing I have done with this was to activate it, have never used it for any type of transactions.

On Apr 27, 2003 the card was used to attempt to transfer $172.00, on this same day, another transaction for $35.94 was attempted, the $172.00 transaction was denied whereby the $35.94 was accepted by paypal.  Then on Apr 28, 2003 another transaction for a further $172.00 was attempted and denied. None of these transactions were authorized from me.

When I checked my email, I received a notification about the transaction for the smaller amount, I knew I did not make that transaction, let alone authorize it, I then proceeded to contact PayPal to inform them of this problem, they told me to cancel my ATM card issued by PayPal, then complete a transaction dispute form and send it to them in the mail.  They have told me that I will get a “credit for the unauthorized transactions” once they receive the paperwork but I am wondering how this could have happened that someone used my ATM card issued by PayPal in the first place when I have never used it and it’s on my person all the time.

As mentioned, the only people who have had access to this card is myself, the post office who delivered it and, of course, PayPal who issued it.

I thought that you would like to know about this problem.

S MaGuire
Virtual Host Internet Technologies Network

Posted: May 9, 2012 at 11:05 am

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2 thoughts on “Illegal ATM Card Use
  1. Kayla 2012 on

    Sounds like someone close to you may have tried to use the paypal card. I dont think it looks like a glitch in their accounting system because the transaction was re-tried. Theft happens =/

  2. Kevin Riped on

    That is really weird, how in the world would all these high transaction appeared on your card? If I were you, close it as soon as your card is in good standing. That is too suspicious to me.